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Fewer Red Light Cameras, More Speed Cameras

While communities across the country have stepped back from the use of red light cameras, more are adopting cameras to penalize speeders. The number of U.S. communities using red-light cameras is down 13 percent, to 469, since the end of 2012, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That includes the 24 towns in New Jersey that participated in a pilot program that ended this month.

While red light cameras are marred with technical and timing issues, and increased opposition from lawmakers, speed cameras are less controversial. As long as the radar is properly calibrated, there is little ambiguity about a speeding motorist. Red light cameras had so many issues that they were recently taken offline in many New Jersey communities after complaints about yellow light timing, and receiving tickets for making often-legal right hand turns on red.

Whenever a motorist receives an automated ticket, he should scrutinize it to make sure the information is complete and the photos are readable.

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