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Marlton Robbery Lawyer

If you have been or may be charged and need the services of a Marlton robbery lawyer, it is imperative for you to seek an attorney with the knowledge and successful courtroom experience. Defense Attorney John B. Brennan is a former state prosecutor with 25 years of experience trying criminal cases, and he knows how to represent you and defend your legal rights in this difficult time.

John Brennan has a long and successful record as a criminal prosecutor. While employed by the state, he litigated hundreds of felony cases and negotiating plea bargains for thousands more. Brennan has been involved in every type of crime, including assault, theft and white collar crimes. Brennan is a designated New Jersey Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, a title achieved through both favorable recommendation and passing a rigorous Criminal Trial exam.

A Marlton robbery lawyer needs to be fully aware of ongoing statutes and New Jersey prosecution processes. If convicted of burglary or armed robbery, a defendant is facing long prison sentence, along with probation and large fines. In addition, a conviction remains on one’s record for life, severely hampering employment opportunities. Attorney John Brennan can not only effectively defend your rights in a trial, he can also arrange for an expungement to keep an accusation from ruining your future.

From his experience, John Brennan knows the difference an experienced and prepared defense attorney can make. Prosecutors can often achieve an easy conviction against a lazy or inexperienced attorney. Brennan will go over your case thoroughly, and knows how to prepare against prosecutorial methods to gain a conviction.

Having a poor attorney can be as bad as not having one at all…don’t take that risk with your freedom. If you are being charged with robbery or theft and need a capable Marlton lawyer, call John Brennan today for a free initial consultation. Brennan has the experience you can trust to fight for your legal rights.

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