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NJ Narcotics Distribution Defense LawyerIf you are a state resident searching for a NJ narcotics distribution defense lawyer, it is of the utmost importance to choose the right one…one with successful courtroom experience and legal expertise to protect your rights. When facing charges that could mean the loss of your freedom, Criminal Defense Attorney John B. Brennan will answer your legal questions and represent you zealously in this most difficult time.

John Brennan has the experience and knowledge to fight for your legal rights. As a former state prosecutor, Brennan has 25 years of litigation experience in the New Jersey Superior Court, trying cases from murder and manslaughter to embezzlement and tax fraud. He has tried over a hundred felony cases, and has negotiated pleas for over a thousand others. Brennan has become certified in the state of NJ as a criminal trial attorney, a title that has been achieved through successful experience and passing the Criminal Trial exam.

A conviction for possession of just 5 ounces of heroin in the state of NJ is a first degree felony and carries a sentence of mandatory prison time and huge fines. The criminal conviction remains on your record for life, seriously hampering any and all employment opportunities. A NJ narcotics distribution defense lawyer must be aware of state laws and processes regarding drug crimes. John Brennan knows what to expect from prosecutors, and he can also represent you in expungement cases to keep even an accusation from ruining your life.

Don’t leave your freedom in the hands of a less experienced attorney. From years of experience on the prosecutorial side, Brennan fully understands the importance of quality legal representation for defendants. An inexperienced or less dedicated defense attorney can be bullied into a conviction or unfavorable plea bargain. John Brennan will review your case file thoroughly and be prepared to fight prosecutorial methods.

John Brennan isn’t here to judge. He is here to help. If you have been charged with narcotics distribution, call the offices of John B. Brennan right away for a free initial consultation.

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