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John Brennan provides South Jersey criminal record expungement services in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Atlantic Counties. If you have ever been charged with a crime, (even if the charges were dropped or the case was dismissed) you may be subject to a blemish on your criminal record that could prevent you from getting a job. New Jersey criminal record expungement is typically a relatively simple and inexpensive process that can have a lasting impact on your ability to secure future employment.

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Are You Eligible for An Expungement in New Jersey?

Arrested but Not Convicted
If you have been arrested for a crime but never convicted, your record can be cleared immediately or six months after diversionary program.

Indicted and Convicted of a Crime
These offenses can usually be expunged after a 10 year period assuming you have had not other prior convictions or indictments. Certain violent crimes of a more serious nature can not be expunged at all.

Disorderly Persons Offenses
Most of these offenses can be expunged after only 5 years if you have been able to stay out of trouble and have no other priors.

Municipal Ordinances Violations
Ordinance violations can usually be expunged after 2 years. This assumes you have no other priors or recent violations.

Drug Offenses
Drug charges are tricky. Expungement may be available as early as 1 year for some young offenders but depending on the severity of the charges and your criminal history, it may not be available at all. Please call us to discuss the specifics of your drug conviction.

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