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Atlantic County Criminal LawyerIf you or someone you know is facing possible charges and need an Atlantic County criminal lawyer, contact Attorney John B. Brennan. John Brennan is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney with over 25 years of experience as a New Jersey state prosecutor. He has litigated and negotiated criminal cases of every kind, from murder and manslaughter to white collar crimes such as tax evasion. From his experience for the prosecution, Brennan fully understands the New Jersey criminal justice system and the importance of a capable legal defense.

When you are charged your whole life is in the balance. The stakes couldn’t be higher. A defendant is facing lengthy prison sentences and probation, crushing fines and a permanently damaged future with regard to employment opportunities. Background checks that reveal your arrest can cripple a person professionally and personally for years. For repeat offenders, the stakes are much higher, especially for crimes such as narcotics or firearm possession.

Sometimes the difference between jail time and freedom is simply a strong and experienced defense lawyer. You should be represented by an attorney that not only knows what to expect in the courtroom, but also is willing to thoroughly review your file and take the case to trial if necessary. Prosecutors facing a huge list of cases are eager to resolve them out of court whenever possible. All too often a lazy or inexperienced attorney can be easily persuaded into a conviction. John Brennan will take the time to fully understand your case and knows how to fight against prosecutorial methods.

When you’re in the fight of your life, have an experienced and dedicated Atlantic County criminal lawyer in your corner. Contact John B. Brennan today for a free initial consultation, and he will personally contact you within a day to speak with you about your legal rights.

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