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Pointing a gun at someone in New Jersey can lead to equal or even harsher penalties and justice system proceedings, such as those for theft or assault. Depending on the situation, it can be categorized as a second-, third-, or fourth-degree crime. For certain cases, N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1b(4) classifies pointing a firearm at someone as aggravated assault, a crime of the second degree. Pointing an illegal firearm or using one illegally and pointing it at someone in the commission of a crime can lead to increasingly harsh penalties for the accused. If the prosecution can demonstrate that you intentionally pointed a firearm at someone without any regard for their safety, well-being, or life, you can face years behind bars and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. If you face these kinds of charges, do not take them lightly and contact a New Jersey pointing a firearm attorney at the Law Office of John B. Brennan today for experienced and reliable legal counsel, guidance, and representation.

Overcoming Charges and Penalties with a Highly Capable Defense Lawyer for Pointing a Gun in Mount Laurel, NJ

You can point a gun at someone intentionally, unintentionally, or defensively. For example, if you believe that there is an intruder on your property, you may point a gun at them to prevent them from coming near your house and family. You may point a firearm at someone to scare them in a fight, or you may be legally carrying a firearm without knowing that anyone else is around. Different situations and scenarios can exhibit greater or lesser levels of menace and malice in pointing a firearm at someone else.

With this in mind, if you face charges of pointing a firearm at someone, you need an aggressive and well-formulated defensive strategy to clear your name and avoid the fines and other penalties associated with a conviction for pointing a firearm.

While a conviction can turn your life upside down, simply being charged with a crime can have serious consequences as well. Unless you have your record expunged, criminal justice proceedings can stay on your record forever. Convictions can come with long prison sentences, fines, and a loss of important rights and liberties, such as various licenses, the ability to vote or travel, and restricted access to or approval for services such as homes, credit, and higher education.

Our defense lawyer for pointing a gun in Mount Laurel, NJ knows that between innocent misunderstandings and unfortunate circumstances, anyone can be incorrectly or unfairly implicated in weapons charges of these kinds. We provide free consultations and case evaluations and will review your case and the evidence that the prosecution has against you to help you lower or dismiss the charges and/or potential sentences that you face for your alleged crimes.

A Skilled New Jersey Pointing a Firearm Attorney Can Help You Beat Third Degree, Fourth Degree, and Aggravated Assault Charges for Pointing a Gun in New Jersey

Based on the New Jersey Revised Statutes on Assault, pointing a firearm at someone can be a second-, third-, or fourth-degree crime of aggravated assault. It can be a fourth-degree crime if you intentionally point a firearm at someone while showing indifference to the value of their life, even if the weapon is not loaded. This includes guns, rifles, shotguns, and devices that shoot balls, slugs, bullets, gas, and even pellets or BBs. Pointing a firearm at someone can become a third-degree charge if you brandish it at a member of law enforcement – even if you simply display the weapon. This includes imitation firearms and laser devices.

Our job is to discredit the arguments and evidence of the prosecution so that you can either have your case dismissed or have the severity of the charges and sentences you face lowered. Call our defense lawyer for pointing a gun in Mount Laurel, NJ so that we can initiate the defense process with a case evaluation.

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If you face criminal charges for pointing a weapon in New Jersey, the experienced New Jersey pointing a firearm attorney at the Law Office of John B. Brennan can defend you against the charges you face. Our experience, negotiation skills, and deep understanding of criminal law will be invaluable assets to your defense, so contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation with a specialized member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pointing a Firearm in New Jersey

Are there mandatory sentences I can face for the weapons charges that are being held against me?

Yes. Under the Graves Act, convicted defendants who face gun charges in New Jersey must serve sentences that are handed down by the local Superior Courts. The Graves Act requires minimum prison sentences for most gun offenses – including periods with no eligibility for parole. The Graves Act is used for a wide range of crimes, including the unlawful possession of many different types of firearms, possessing a firearm while committing a drug distribution or possession with intent to distribute offense, and manufacturing or transporting different types of firearms.

What is the No Early Release Act?

New Jersey’s No Early Release Act (NERA) requires those convicted of certain violent crimes to serve 85% of their prison terms before they become eligible for parole. It also imposes five years of parole after the convicted party’s release from prison for first-degree crimes and three years for those convicted of second-degree crimes. The NERA covers a wide range of crimes – even those not committed with a firearm or weapon – including murder, aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide, aggravated assault, kidnapping, sexual assault, robbery, grand theft auto, arson, burglary, terrorism, strict liability for drug-induced deaths, and producing or possessing chemical weapons, biological agents, or nuclear or radioactive devices.

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