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When you are searching for a South Jersey tax evasion lawyer, it is vital to find someone who has the experience and knowledge to effectively fight for your rights and your freedom. At the offices of John B. Brennan, you’ll get answers to your legal questions and representation from someone whose successful experience you can trust.

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Criminal defense attorney John B. Brennan is a former New Jersey state prosecutor, and he has over a quarter of a century of experience in criminal trials. Brennan has tried all types of felonies, from murder and assault cases to numerous white-collar crimes like embezzlement. He has tried over 100 felony cases and resolved thousands through pleas. Brennan has been recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, a distinction held by fewer than 250 attorneys in New Jersey.

A South Jersey tax evasion lawyer must be able to understand both federal and state prosecution processes and laws. Tax evasion and tax fraud are considered white collar crimes, as opposed to crimes committed with drugs or weapons. They can be tried in state or federal courts depending on the government entity involved, and if both are involved a defendant can be prosecuted in both courts without violation of double jeopardy laws.

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John Brennan has many years of experience as a New Jersey prosecutor, and he fully understands the difference that a professional and prepared defense attorney can make for a defendant. Proving a case beyond a reasonable doubt is not easy for a prosecutor, but an inexperienced or lazy defense attorney can make a conviction much easier. A defendant needs a South Jersey tax evasion lawyer with experience in local and federal processes, and who is willing and able to thoroughly review your case file. The stakes are too high when your freedom is in the balance.

If you’ve been charged with tax evasion or fraud or you think you may be charged, please try contacting the offices of John B. Brennan for a free initial consultation. You have too much to lose to have less experienced or prepared legal representation.

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