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The Constitutional right to bear arms is just that, a right. It is not a privilege that Law Enforcement can simply choose to give you if they deem you worthy of it. It is a right that is guaranteed to all New Jersey residents who have reached the age of 21. There are only limited circumstances where law enforcement can deny you either a Firearms Identification Card or a permit to purchase a handgun. Despite this, law enforcement too often abuses its discretion in denying applicants their rights. If you have been denied your Constitutional Right to bear arms for an arbitrary reason such as “issuance is not in the interest of the public health safety and welfare”, you can and should appeal this denial. Call my office to discuss with you how and why you should do this with a dedicated Second Amendment Rights lawyer.

New Jersey is considered to have one of the strictest set of firearms laws in the U.S. Failure to comply with New Jersey’s firearms laws can expose you to serious criminal liability. If you wish to exercise your rights to purchase, own, and carry firearms in New Jersey, you need an experienced attorney who can help you understand New Jersey’s laws and who will fight to help you obtain the necessary permits and licenses to lawfully exercise your right to bear arms and protect yourself, your home, and your family. 

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I am Attorney John B. Brennan; I am a former state prosecutor with 30 years of experience focused on firearms cases. I have extensive familiarity and experience with the gun laws in New Jersey, and I can help you build a compelling case to show why you should be granted permits to purchase, own, and carry firearms. 

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Process of Applying for a Gun Permit in New Jersey

Despite the strict nature of New Jersey’s gun laws, in order to lawfully purchase or possess a firearm in the state, you must apply and receive the necessary permits; failure to do so can subject you to serious criminal charges if you are found in possession of an unlicensed or unpermitted firearm. 

If you wish to purchase a firearm in New Jersey, there are two types of permits:

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To apply for either permit, you must submit your application to the chief of police for the municipality where you reside; if you live outside of New Jersey, you can submit your application to the Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. Your application must be accompanied by a government-issued ID, along with references from two citizens who will attest to your mental health and good standing. When processing your application, the police will run a background check with the state police and FBI, a mental health records search (for which you must furnish written consent), and a fingerprint check (you must provide two copies of your fingerprints). 

To lawfully carry a handgun in New Jersey, you must apply for a permit to carry a handgun, which is also submitted to the local police or state police. You must list in your application three references from citizens who have known you for at least three years and who will attest to your mental health and good character. In addition, you must also submit documentation proving your familiarity with the safe handling of handguns. Finally, you must also describe your “justifiable need” for a handgun. You must also submit documentation to authorize a fingerprint check, background check, and mental health records search. The police have 60 days to approve or deny your application; if you receive no response, the application is assumed to be approved and you must then present your application to a superior court judge for final approval. 

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New Jersey is considered a “may issue” state, which means that law enforcement and the courts have discretion whether or not to issue a firearm permit even if you otherwise meet the requirements for issuance. In New Jersey, citizens can be denied the right to purchase, own, or carry firearms for various reasons, including mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency, prior criminal convictions, a history of domestic violence, or other reasons. Given the wide discretion of the authorities to issue firearms permits, many applications are denied on grounds that a permit is “not in the public interest”. 

When you are being denied the opportunity to lawfully and responsibly exercise your Second Amendment rights, you need an experienced attorney who will vigorously advocate on your behalf. I can help you prepare your license application, or if your application has been denied, file an appeal with the courts. In court, the state must offer a compelling reason why you should not be granted a firearms or carry permit; I will use my experience as a former prosecutor and as a trial litigator to push back against the state’s attempts to deny you your right to lawfully possess and carry firearms. 

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If you’ve been denied a firearms permit or are having trouble with applying for a permit, let a qualified Second Amendment Rights Lawyer with extensive experience with New Jersey’s gun laws help assert your defense. Schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your case and to learn more about how an attorney can help you obtain the necessary permits to exercise your Second Amendment rights in New Jersey. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Second Amendment Rights in New Jersey

Can I file an appeal if my permit application is denied by the local police department or state police?

Yes. If your permit is denied by the police, you may request a hearing with the Superior Court within 30 days of the denial of your application. You are required to notify the chief of police of the municipality that denied your application of your request for a hearing. The court will schedule a hearing within 30 days of your request. You are not required to submit a formal pleading or filing fee in connection with your hearing request; however, it is still highly advisable to have an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf in your appeal. Any appeal from the Superior Court must be taken in accordance with standard appellate procedures.

Are firearms permits permanent?

No. A handgun carry permit must be renewed every two years; you are required to submit a renewal application along with copies of your fingerprints.

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