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If you are arrested or charged with a crime, your entire life can immediately turn upside down. You will understandably be worried about the potential of ending up in jail, facing fines and penalties of other kinds, and losing your reputation, financial well-being, and the company of your family and loved ones. Fortunately, with skilled and reliable legal representation from the East Windsor criminal defense attorney of the Law Office of John B. Brennan, you can maximize the chances of achieving a favorable outcome and beating the charges you face. Contact our criminal lawyer in East Windsor, NJ today to learn more about your rights and how we can help.

Skilled Legal Representation from a Criminal Lawyer in East Windsor, NJ Is Just a Phone Call Away

East Windsor criminal defense attorney John B. Brennan will provide you with the sound legal guidance and experienced representation that you need to fight the criminal charges you face. Our firm can help with a wide variety of crimes, cases, and legal proceedings, including:

These are all serious crimes, and they can come with serious jail time, hefty fines, lifelong issues with securing employment, housing, and credit, and the stigma of having a criminal record.

How a Criminal Lawyer in East Windsor, NJ at Our Firm Will Protect Your Rights After You Are Charged With a Crime

Our legal defense team has deep experience handling both state and federal prosecutions in East Windsor. Skilled, dedicated legal representatives from our team will work tirelessly to protect your rights and make sure that you are not taken advantage of, treated unfairly, or not allowed to defend yourself and clear your name. You must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of your alleged crimes or charges, and we will use our extensive knowledge of the New Jersey Criminal Code to build a strong defense for you.

From start to finish, from the moment you have warrants out for your arrest or you are formally arrested or charged until your court hearing, sentencing, and/or your appeal, we will:

Having an experienced and dedicated legal professional in your corner is the best way to safeguard your rights and interests when faced with criminal or legal proceedings of any kind. You are not alone, and we will do everything we can to achieve a favorable outcome for you.

Contact a Trusted East Windsor Criminal Defense Attorney at The Law Office of John B. Brennan Today for an Initial Case Evaluation

If you are facing criminal charges or need to speak with a lawyer, contact us today. Our criminal lawyer in East Windsor, NJ will help you navigate the legal landscape while protecting your rights. We strive to dismiss or lower the charges and sentences that come with the crimes you face and know how to handle evidence, legal proceedings, negotiations, and the legal statutes that govern your case so that you come away unscathed and with your life back on track after facing charges or allegations of any kind. Call today to learn more.

Crime in East Windsor, New Jersey

The violent crime rate in East Windsor is listed as 7.7 (vs. the US average of about 22), and the property crime rate in the township is 16.3 (vs. the US average of about 35). On average, a crime occurs only once every 35 days or so in East Windsor. Overall, East Windsor receives an A+ grade when it comes to violent crime, with the township scoring in the 99th percentile, which means 99% of all cities across the country are more dangerous than East Windsor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Cases in East Windsor, NJ

Do I need an attorney if I have not yet been arrested?

If you know that there are warrants for your arrest or that you will soon be investigated, speak with our criminal lawyer right away. Do not wait to be formally charged. We can get a head start in building a defensive strategy and protecting your rights. Once you have an arrest on record, you will have to have it formally expunged, and speaking with an attorney earlier in the process can save you time, hassle, and worry.

What legal strategies can be used to defend me against the charges I face?

Multiple strategies may be available to you depending on the type of evidence the prosecution has against you and the nature of the charges and crimes you are facing. These include asserting your evidence, having an alibi, proving your rights were infringed, demonstrating that you were acting in self-defense, were involuntarily intoxicated, were under duress or were coerced into committing a crime, or that you unknowingly committed otherwise legal acts that you were performing on behalf of or for someone else. We can also use the expiration of the statute of limitations as a valid defense. However, determining the correct defense will only be possible after a thorough examination of the case facts, so contact our East Windsor criminal defense attorney today to get started.

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