New Jersey Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

New Jersey Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

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The government takes tax fraud and tax evasion very seriously. These charges are brought against taxpayers that try to avoid paying the amount they owe the government in taxes. When the IRS identifies taxpayers suspected of tax fraud or tax evasion, they can come down hard on these taxpayers. If there is sufficient evidence to indict a fraudulent taxpayer, the IRS will most likely be able to secure a conviction. A conviction for tax fraud or tax evasion will result in significant time behind bars as well as hefty fines. It can result in the ruin of your business, reputation, and ability to make ends meet in the long term. If you’re accused of tax fraud or tax evasion, it’s important to seek out an experienced New Jersey tax fraud defense lawyer as soon as possible. 

With so much at stake, having the best defense possible is vital when accused of tax fraud or tax evasion. Attorney John B. Brennan is skilled and experienced in representing criminal defense clients. His in-depth understanding of State and Federal, negotiating skills, and extensive experience will ensure that he provides you with an effective strategy for defense in your case. 

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Tax Fraud and Tax Evasion Charges that a New Jersey Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer can help You Fight 

Tax fraud occurs when a taxpayer intentionally engages in actions that are intended to mislead, conceal or prevent the collection of taxes that they owe to the government. Tax fraud is a crime that is taken seriously by the government. It can occur in a number of ways including: 

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Tax fraud is considered a criminal offense. If you are found guilty of committing tax fraud, you will face serious penalties including imprisonment as well as steep fines. Tax evasion for example can result in a prison sentence of up to 5 years. You may also be charged fines of up to $100,000 for individuals or $500,000 for corporations. 

Avoid Criminal Prosecution for Tax Fraud 

Many people that are investigated for tax fraud or tax evasion simply made errors on their tax returns. Some find that their tax preparers committed the fraud and they have been dragged under alongside the professional that they entrusted with their tax returns. Whatever the case may be, if you have been accused of tax fraud, it is best to contact an experienced tax fraud attorney NJ as soon as possible. Your attorney will guide you on how to approach your tax audit and investigation. We will craft an effective defense to help you avoid criminal charges and prosecution for tax fraud. 

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Are you facing tax issues? It can be quite distressing to face tax evasion or tax fraud charges. Attorney John B. Brennan is an experienced and skilled New Jersey tax fraud defense lawyer. We will review your case for free and help you understand your rights and options. You can rely on our skills, knowledge, and experience to advocate successfully on your behalf no matter how complex your case is. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Fraud 

I made an error on my tax return. Can I be charged with tax fraud or tax evasion?

Many people find the process of filing tax returns to be complex. It is therefore not surprising that many people make errors on their tax returns. In order for the IRS to bring charges of tax fraud or tax evasion against you, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to defraud the government of the money you owed in taxes. This means that they must prove that the error on your tax returns was in fact intentional. This can be difficult to prove. Prosecuting a taxpayer is also an expensive process. In many cases, the IRS will simply adjust the amount to what you owe in tax. They may also impose penalties.

Attorney John Brennan is skilled and experienced in representing criminal defense clients. He will negotiate on your behalf and present strong arguments to show that you made an error. He will also work to reduce or completely avoid penalties.

Do I need an attorney when facing a tax audit?

Engaging an experienced New Jersey tax fraud defense attorney is in your best interests when facing a tax audit. An IRS audit is not a criminal matter. It is in fact a civil matter. The purpose of an IRS tax audit is to uncover errors in tax returns. This is the first step that the IRS takes in investigating irregularities noted in tax returns. If there are errors, the auditor will adjust the tax to the amount you were meant to pay. They may also impose a fine for the error. If the auditor has reason to believe there is reason to, they will recommend that the Criminal Investigation Division conduct criminal investigations into your activities.

While many taxpayers get off with penalties, it is best to have an experienced attorney guiding and representing you. They will protect your rights and minimize the implications of the audit.

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