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If you’re searching for a Mercer County criminal lawyer with the experience and knowledge to defend your legal rights, call the offices of John B. Brennan today. Brennan is a former New Jersey state prosecutor with over 30 years of experience trying cases of all kinds, from felonies like murder and manslaughter to white-collar crimes such as tax evasion. Today John Brennan is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, and he understands how to represent you in this difficult time.

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Criminal Cases The Law Office of John B. Brennan Handles in Mercer County

The Law Office of John B. Brennan handles a wide variety of criminal matters in Mercer County, NJ including but not limited to:

When one is charged with a crime, the stress is enormous. It is overwhelming to think about the loss of your freedom and future… possible prison sentences, lengthy probation, devastating fines, and the stigma of a conviction hampering future employment opportunities. The state of New Jersey is particularly tough on repeat offenders, especially in cases such as an illegal handgun or narcotics possession.

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Locations Served In Mercer County

Attorney John Brennan has been successfully representing clients throughout Mercer County, NJ for over 30 years including the cities listed below.

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You have enough to worry about without a defense attorney with less experience and dedication representing you. You will need a Mercer County criminal lawyer with not only the New Jersey courtroom experience and understanding of state procedures, but also the willingness to go over your case with you thoroughly and take the matter to trial if necessary. John Brennan has personally seen the consequences of hiring a lesser attorney many times. Very often, cases are decided before going to trial with a disastrous and preventable outcome for a defendant.

Don’t fight the most important battle of your life with the wrong lawyer. If you have been or think you may be charged, contact John Brennan today for a free initial consultation. He will return your call within 24 hours and speak with you personally about your situation. The stakes are too great for you to gamble on anything less…be sure to have an experienced and hardworking attorney on your side.

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