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Many people are wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit. Others are prosecuted for crimes that involve illegally obtained evidence or weak evidence that cannot be used to secure a conviction. Even in other cases, if you face charges or are accused or arrested for illegal activity of any kind, an experienced Lawrence Township criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of John B. Brennan will work to dismiss or reduce the charges you face or lower the sentences and penalties associated with the crimes in question. It all starts with a confidential and personalized consultation with your dedicated criminal lawyer in Lawrence Township, NJ so contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Fighting Charges and Legal Proceedings with the Help of an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Lawrence Township, NJ

Whether you were wrongly accused or made a simple mistake, the fact of the matter is that the prosecution will be laser-focused on convicting you. This means you need a skilled and reliable Lawrence Township criminal defense attorney to analyze the case evidence and evaluate the outcomes you likely face while using every tool that is legally available to you to protect you and help you beat the charges you face.

With the right Lawrence Township criminal defense attorney, you can build a sound and comprehensive defense and prove your innocence. We will do this using our deep understanding of and practical experience with the New Jersey Criminal Code. Our adept attorneys will make forceful arguments about any ethical or constitutional violations that may be involved in your case so that we can dismiss or lower the charges you face.

The New Jersey court system will also play an important role in interpreting the laws that apply to your case, and your case judge will be tasked with breaking down the law and explaining the elements of a successful prosecution or defense. Crimes are deeds that are against the law in New Jersey, and they fall into two categories: indictable criminal offenses (“crimes”) and disorderly persons offenses. These classifications are further broken down into sub-classes of varying severity. Sentencing ranges and penalties are determined by how a crime is classified as well as the criminal history, if any, of the accused.

Key Elements of a Successful Criminal Defense in Lawrence Township, NJ

If you were accused of crimes in Lawrence Township, you are at a critical and life-changing juncture. Criminal charges and convictions can have a long-lasting impact on your freedom, reputation, and ability to enjoy many facilities and conveniences that you may have taken for granted. A conviction or charge may prevent you from working, living a normal life, providing for your family, finding housing, and more.

Our dedicated Lawrence Township criminal defense attorney will build a solid defense for you that is based on the following:

Crime in Lawrence Township, NJ

The crime rate in Lawrence Township is substantially higher than the national average, and it has an overall crime rate that is higher than almost 80% of all towns and cities in New Jersey. In Lawrence Township, your chances of being involved in a property crime are quite high, whereas the likelihood of being involved in a violent crime is almost zero. Overall, Lawrence Township is a relatively safe place to live, although non-zero crime rates mean there is always a chance that you can be affected by or involved in a crime of some kind. Speak with an attorney if you or a loved one were impacted by criminal activity or accused, arrested, detained, or questioned concerning crimes or illegal activity in Lawrence Township.

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Your mind is understandably abuzz with questions and concerns. What will happen to you? What penalties will you face? How will your family get by if you are convicted? What options do you have? We are here to help, and you can rely on our dedicated, consistent, and reliable representation so that you enjoy the maximum chances of success against your charges. Contact us today for a free case evaluation so that we can determine where things stand and what next steps need to be taken to ensure your rights and freedom are preserved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Cases in Lawrence Township, NJ

Can I be denied bail? 

Yes. If you are charged with a crime, as a criminal defendant, you can be denied bail. This can happen if you are arrested despite being on probation or parole or if you were out on bond for a separate criminal charge. Bail is often denied for people charged with serious violent crimes as well.

If I am innocent, can I talk to the police? 

You may feel like you can clear things up with law enforcement agents just by talking with them if you are innocent. Remember, though, that criminal investigators are highly skilled when it comes to asking questions that can trip you up. They may get you to say something that can incriminate you. Instead, what you should do is speak with our criminal lawyer in Lawrence Township, NJ so that we can leverage our experience in negotiations, interrogations, and representation to clear your name.

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