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Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Vigorously Defends Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Woodbury and Throughout NJ

A crucial part of any criminal defense matter is choosing a seasoned, skilled, and qualified attorney to defend your rights and advocate for your best interests in court. Choosing the right attorney is the key to minimizing potential consequences from an arrest and obtaining a favorable outcome.

When you or your loved one have been arrested or are facing criminal charges, you need more than just any criminal defense attorney. You need the best lawyer for you and your case. This means finding a lawyer with a wealth of knowledge and insight in the application of criminal law, extensive experience from past cases, and an advantageous understanding of how prosecutors think and work to achieve convictions.

Facing Charges In Woodbury And Have Questions? I Can Help, Tell Me What Happened.

At The Law Office of John B. Brennan, I have successfully handled thousands of cases and defended numerous clients facing criminal charges throughout the state of New Jersey. In many of these cases, I sought dismissals, plea agreements, and reduced charges under circumstances that seemed very difficult and challenging for my clients in the beginning. I am fully prepared to go to trial when necessary, and won’t back down to the prosecution while defending your case.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or have been arrested in Woodbury or the surrounding areas of NJ, don’t wait another day to hire the experienced legal counsel you need for your criminal defense. Make it your immediate priority to find a skilled lawyer with years of experience handling thousands of criminal cases. Even a few hours can make the difference between acquittal and conviction. The sooner you contact me at The Law Office of John B. Brennan, the earlier we can work to find solutions to your legal concerns and fight the charges against you. Give me a call today to schedule a free, confidential case evaluation. We can discuss your case and prepare a defense strategy to fit your needs.

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Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Seeks Acquittals and Dismissals for Clients Facing All Types of Criminal Charges in Woodbury, NJ

At The Law Office of John Brennan, I am committed to providing highly competent legal services and vigorous advocacy and legal representation on behalf of my clients. I have handled thousands of criminal cases involving:

My track record of success shows that I have extensive experience helping clients who face criminal convictions. For some, I am able to help them avoid prosecution and get into diversionary programs — such as New Jersey’s drug court or the Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) program. For others, I work to secure reduced sentences or outright dismissals, often before the case goes to trial.

Attorney John Brennan Fights for Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Woodbury, NJ 

As soon as you retain my legal services I start drawing up a plan of action in the defense of your case. I move swiftly and work exhaustively to come up with a sound, coherent, and effective legal strategy. Although the facts and circumstances of each case are unique, there are common defense strategies which have proven to be effective in obtaining a favorable outcome, such as:

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If you or a loved one have been arrested or are facing criminal charges in Woodbury, New Jersey, make it your immediate priority to schedule a free, confidential consultation with me today. You can speak freely about what happened in your case and talk to me about your concerns regarding the charges against you. I will listen to you, get your side of the story, and offer you honest advice. After our discussion, we can draw up a plan of action and come up with a sound, coherent, and effective legal strategy for your defense. Give me a call today to book a consultation so we can explore some solutions to your legal problems.

About Woodbury, NJ

Woodbury is the County Seat of Gloucester County in Southern New Jersey. This city is one of Southern New Jersey’s hidden gems. The city’s landscape is a blend of Victorian homes, natural parks, sparkling waterways, and family-oriented recreational facilities.

Woodbury is one of the oldest “small cities” in the United States. It had its beginning in 1683 when Henry Wood, a Quaker who migrated from Bury, England settled here. By 1715, Woodbury had become a Quaker religious center and was a thriving hamlet at the onset of the American Revolution. Given its close proximity to Philadelphia, Woodbury has a significant place in the history of the nation’s birth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense In Woodbury, NJ

Will my case go to trial?

Whether or not your case goes to trial depends entirely on you. If you are not guilty and the prosecution will not dismiss the case, then I urge you to go to trial. The same is true if you are not guilty of everything that the State contends but a fair resolution can not be worked out. Some criminal cases are resolved without having to go to trial through a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an agreement between the defendant and the prosecutor, in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for an agreement by the prosecutor to drop one or more charges, reduce a charge to a less serious offense, or recommend to the judge a specific sentence acceptable to the defense. No two cases are the same, you are hiring me to advise you what makes sense for you and then to work for the resolution that you want.

Do I need a criminal defense attorney with a lot of experience?

The criminal justice system is complicated and constantly changing. You need a lawyer who has sufficient experience to guide you through the system from start to finish. An experienced lawyer can explain what will happen at the arraignment, can advise you of the steps following your release after a detention hearing, and will be knowledgeable about the rules of evidence and how to use them to your advantage. Your life is not an episode of Law & Order. There are real and serious consequences that should not be left to chance with an inexperienced attorney. At the Law Office of John B. Brennan, you will find a seasoned and dedicated lawyer with over 30 years of experience who will fight tirelessly to get you the best results possible in your case. There are subtleties and nuances to every profession. These things are learned over time and with experience. Contact me today to see how I can help you and whether I am the right attorney for you and your case.

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