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When you’re facing criminal charges and need a Mount Laurel criminal lawyer, it’s absolutely vital for you to find someone with full dedication to your legal defense. Attorney John B. Brennan is a former New Jersey state prosecutor with over a quarter-century of experience litigating criminal cases. Today he is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, a designation earned through passing a rigorous Criminal Trial Law examination and through favorable evaluation from judges. Brennan has been on both sides, and he knows how to fight for your legal rights.

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Being charged with a felony is probably the most stressful experience a person can face. The possibility of lengthy prison sentences, probation, and debilitating fines can be overwhelming, and often even an arrest that doesn’t result in a conviction can mean a permanent black mark on one’s future. For repeat offenders in New Jersey, especially for crimes like handgun possession, the penalties are much greater and the stakes much higher.

A Mount Laurel criminal lawyer not only needs to know what to expect from prosecutors, he should be willing to fully understand the case and be willing to take it to trial if necessary. From his years as a state prosecutor, John Brennan knows the prosecution’s desire to resolve as many cases as possible outside of the courtroom. With an inexperienced or unprepared defense attorney, this can result in an easy and preventable conviction for a defendant. Brennan will thoroughly go over your case file and he will be ready to defend your rights against common prosecutorial methods.

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Your freedom and future are too important to leave in the hands of a less dedicated attorney. If you are charged or think you may be charged, contact John B. Brennan today for a free initial consultation. Brennan will return your call within 24 hours to speak with you about your legal rights.

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