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Were you accused or charged with committing a crime in Ewing, NJ, or anywhere in Mercer County? If yes, do not delay seeking skilled legal representation from a knowledgeable Ewing criminal defense attorney. Our experienced criminal lawyer in Ewing, NJ will protect your rights and interests. The criminal justice system can move swiftly, and you need legal representation from an advocate who will give you the peace of mind and guidance you need to beat the charges you face. Contact our team today to learn more. We handle criminal cases of every kind, from misdemeanors to felonies, including serious crimes, expungements, appeals, courtroom trials, and more. Turn to our attorneys for help with your case.

Our Dedicated Criminal Lawyer in Ewing, NJ Vigorously Defends Against Serious and Minor Criminal Charges

Our experienced criminal lawyer in Ewing, NJ handles a variety of cases and charges for clients across Mercer County. This requires a thorough understanding of Title 2C, New Jersey’s Code of Criminal Justice, which defines and explains different offenses and crimes in New Jersey, differentiates between low-level and serious crimes (misdemeanors vs. felonies), establishes what constitutes a legally acceptable defense, covers the factors that can aggravate or enhance charges or sentences, and outlines sentencing ranges for different crimes.

Felonies are serious crimes. A felony conviction will change your life for years and even decades to come. But misdemeanor convictions can have serious consequences as well. For both felonies and misdemeanors, we will build a criminal defense around you. We will negotiate with the prosecution, evaluate the case evidence, thoroughly prepare your defense, and convincingly argue your case in front of a judge and jury so that your charges can be dismissed or lowered. We provide reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated legal services, guidance, and representation at every step of the legal process, from arrest to sentencing, as outlined below.


Criminal proceedings typically start with an arrest. The arresting law enforcement officer may or may not have had probable cause or a warrant to arrest you, but that issue will be addressed at a later stage. Once you are arrested, remain silent and ask to speak with the Ewing criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of John B. Brennan.


After your arrest, you will have an arraignment hearing in which the judge will tell you about the charges you face. You can plead guilty or not guilty to these charges. Bail and potential jail time until your case is resolved will also be determined here, so having a skilled and knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Ewing, NJ on your side during these proceedings is critical to a successful and favorable outcome at this stage of the legal process.


The discovery phase is usually defined as the time between your arrest and trial. This is when the prosecutor must present the evidence against you to your lawyer. During this time, we will also investigate the evidence to determine what charges, penalties, and sentences you may face based on how convincing the case evidence is.

Pretrial Motions and Conferences

Before your trial, a lot will happen behind the scenes. The prosecution may hold many pretrial conferences with us, your defense team, as well as the judge, to decide important aspects of your case. During this stage, matters such as the legality of the case evidence and the severity of the charges you face may be decided.

Plea Negotiation

Most criminal cases are decided via negotiations, not courtroom trials. Once the prosecution evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the evidence against you, you may be offered a plea deal. Our Ewing criminal defense attorney will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf to get the best deal possible. Based on these proceedings, you may face penalties and sentences of varying degrees, at which point your case is resolved, but if not, the case advances to trial.


If a plea deal is not offered or you reject it, your case will go to trial. Here, the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are found not guilty, the case is over, and you will be free to go home. If convicted, however, your case will head to the sentencing stage.


If you are found guilty, you will face sentences as outlined in the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. We will fight to minimize the sentences and penalties you face. This may involve, for example, probation, community service, or early parole, depending on the case specifics.

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Navigating the legal processes above can be a stressful and daunting task. Do not do it alone. Contact our Ewing criminal defense attorney today for skilled legal counsel every step of the way.

Crime in Ewing, NJ

Based on available statistics, Ewing has a lower overall crime rate than most US cities. Violent crimes are categorized as moderate, along with vandalism. Arson is categorized as very low. Ranked on a scale of 1 (meaning low crime) to 100 (meaning high crime), the violent crime rate in Ewing is about 15 (vs. the US average of about 22) and the property crime rate is about 30 (vs. the US average of about 35).

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Cases in Ewing, NJ

What are the differences between state and federal charges? 

State crimes usually involve crimes that are committed entirely within state boundaries. Federal crimes involve illegal activities that took place across state lines or involve federal funds or federal systems such as the post office or banking system.

I think there may be a warrant for my arrest. What should I do? 

You may speak with a professional bondsman to conduct a warrant check for you. You can also check for warrants at your local courthouse. If there is one, however, you may be arrested on the spot. Our Ewing criminal defense attorney can search for arrest warrants issued against you so that we can start resolving outstanding criminal charges against you right away.

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