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Were you arrested and/or charged with a crime in Mercer County? Being charged with a crime of any kind and facing proceedings from the criminal justice system can be a stressful and harrowing experience. You may feel isolated, as if everyone and everything is set up to work against you, and you may not know what to do, whom to turn to, or what your rights and responsibilities are. This is why having a skilled, dedicated, and understanding attorney who will stand up for your rights and interests is of critical importance at such a time. The experienced Trenton criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of John B. Brennan can help. Contact our knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Trenton, NJ who can provide you with a free case evaluation to discuss your case and what we can do to protect your rights, reputation, and future after you were arrested or charged with crimes.

Proficient Trenton Criminal Defense Attorney Handles Charges and Crimes of Every Kind

Our team has years of experience working in the New Jersey criminal justice system. This allows us to represent clients who face all kinds of charges, both at the state and federal levels. Cases we can handle for you include:

In addition to the above, we can even help clients expunge their criminal records if they qualify. Contact our criminal lawyer in Trenton, NJ to learn how.

How Our Criminal Lawyer in Trenton, NJ Will Protect Your Freedom and Future

If you face criminal proceedings, you already know how stressful and worrisome things can get. You are likely—and rightfully—concerned about what will happen to you if you are eventually convicted and sentenced. Skilled, experienced, and reliable legal assistance from a Trenton criminal defense attorney will go a long way toward giving you the ease of mind you need to successfully navigate the steps and processes you will face. When you work with our criminal lawyer in Trenton, NJ, you can expect confident and reliable legal representation, in which we will:

About Crimes in Trenton, NJ

The crime rate in Trenton is substantially higher than the national average. FBI crime data indicates that Trenton is a somewhat unsafe community, and it has a crime rate that is higher than 93% of other cities and towns of all sizes in New Jersey. Violent crimes such as rape, murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and assault with a deadly weapon are common, as are your chances of being a victim of motor vehicle theft and an array of property crimes.

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We are just a call away, and we will help you do what needs to be done so that you have the best chance of beating the charges you face. A conviction can change the trajectory of your life, and even facing charges without a conviction or sentencing can be life-altering as well. Leave nothing to chance and allow our criminal lawyer in Trenton, NJ to represent you so that you can overcome the obstacles you face while preserving your rights and personal well-being. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation case evaluation by a member of our legal team.

Frequently Asked Questions about Criminal Cases in Trenton, NJ

How much does a criminal defense lawyer cost?

The cost of a private criminal defense lawyer is certainly something to consider, but also keep in mind that having a public defender represent you may not even be an option for you. The courts typically appoint public defenders for people who do not have the financial resources to hire an attorney of their own. Furthermore, private criminal defense attorneys, such as our criminal lawyer in Trenton, NJ, will have more time and the resources needed to devotedly handle your case. An experienced Trenton criminal defense attorney can be the difference between a favorable and an unfavorable outcome, and clients will always get what they pay for. Contact our criminal defense attorneys to better understand the fees and costs of dedicated representation so that you know what to expect as we handle your case for you.

Am I obligated to answer questions from the police?

You have the unalienable right to remain silent if you are detained or arrested by the police, so you do not have to answer questions about crimes or events that the police may be investigating. If a police officer or investigator starts to ask you about possible crimes, you can politely tell them that you will exercise your right to remain silent. You must then keep silent and ask them to speak with an attorney. At that point, they must stop questioning you until you have had a chance to speak with your attorney.

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