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Even though people have a constitutional right to bear arms, this right is not absolute and ownership and possession of weapons can be regulated by the state. New Jersey in particular has some of the toughest weapons and firearms laws in the country. Many kinds of firearms and weapons are banned outright, and ownership and the right to carry legal weapons is strictly controlled. Weapons offenses in New Jersey carry significant punishments, including years in prison and hefty fines. Even a simple mistake with weapons in New Jersey has the potential to cause you to lose your freedom and significantly negatively impact your future with a conviction record. If you or a loved one are facing charges for a gun crime in New Jersey, you need a dedicated Mount Laurel gun crimes lawyer on your side to defend your rights.

I have over 25 years of experience as a prosecutor in Burlington County, where I specialized in gun and weapons crimes, so I am highly familiar with how the state builds its case. As a result, I know how to review the case against you to identify potential factual and legal weaknesses and to develop an effective legal defense strategy to challenge these weaknesses and have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether so that you can get back to your family and your normal life as soon as possible. 

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Types of Gun and Weapons Charges in New Jersey

In New Jersey, there are five main types of firearms offenses that you can be charged with, depending on the facts of your case, including:

Other non-firearm weapons crimes in New Jersey include bringing a weapon onto school property, possession of an illegal weapon (such as a switchblade knife, billy club, or metal knuckles), or use of an imitation weapon or firearm.

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Knowledgeable Mount Laurel Gun Crimes Lawyer John B. Brennan will Fight for You in Your Case

Facing a gun or weapons charge in New Jersey is a serious matter. When you choose me to represent you in your gun crimes case, you can expect that I will provide the dedicated and knowledgeable legal representation that you and your case deserve. Almost every gun crime case has a potential legal defense that can be asserted to reduce or dismiss charges or to secure an acquittal at trial. I will thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether you may be able to assert defenses such as:

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a weapons charge does not always have to result in a criminal prosecution; I can help you explore your options which may allow you to resolve your charges without a conviction on your record.

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Weapons crimes are taken incredibly seriously in New Jersey, and convictions on these charges are harshly punished. Don’t leave your freedom and future to chance when facing gun charges. Contact my office today to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a trusted Mount Laurel gun crimes lawyer to discuss the weapons charges you are facing and to learn more about how I can use my extensive experience handling gun cases to help you secure the best possible outcome to your charges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Crimes in New Jersey

FAQ: Why was I charged with a crime for simply possessing a firearm?

In New Jersey, a person must obtain a certain license to lawfully carry a firearm outside his or her home. These licenses are very difficult to obtain and most people don’t have one. Carrying a firearm, even one you lawfully own, outside of your home without also holding the proper permits is itself a crime in New Jersey, even if you had no intent to commit a crime with that weapon.

FAQ: Will I have to go to jail if I am convicted of a gun crime?

It depends on the particular circumstances of your case. The Graves Act, which accompanies most gun charges, requires mandatory periods of parole ineligibility which means that if you are convicted of such an offense there is a mandatory State prison sentence that you must serve before being eligible for parole. On a second degree offense it is 42 months. On a fourth degree offense it is 18 months. There are exceptions to the Graves Act which allow lesser sentences. These exceptions are fact specific to each particular case which is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney, such as myself, to navigate you through this process.

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