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If you are facing assault and/or battery charges and require the services of a South Jersey assault lawyer, call John B. Brennan today. Brennan is a former state prosecutor with 25 years of experience litigating thousands of cases in the state criminal justice system. Today he is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, a title achieved by only a small number of criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey. Brennan has the experience and work ethic to fight for the best legal outcome for you.

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In New Jersey, penalties for simple and aggravated assault are wide-ranging. A simple assault charge can lead to up to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine; aggravated assault charges (which usually involve a deadly weapon) or assault against a police officer or firefighter can mean even more severe penalties. Several factors are in play in charges, including lack of consent from the victim or general intent.

A South Jersey assault lawyer must not only be aware of courtroom procedures and prosecutorial methods, but should also be willing to completely go over a defendant’s case file and be prepared to go to trial. John Brennan’s experience as a former state prosecutor has taught him the importance of a defendant having strong legal representation. He has seen many cases resolved in favor of the prosecution without ever going to trial. Brennan will make sure that all of your rights under the Constitution are protected.

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When you are facing the loss of your freedom and a permanent black mark on your record, the stakes are too great for you to fight the battle alone. If you have been charged or believe you may be charged, call John Brennan right away for a free initial consultation. He will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your personal situation and your legal rights.

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