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Under NJ Rev Stat § 2C:12-1 (2020), aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is a serious criminal charge. In some cases, it can constitute a third-degree crime with prison terms of between three and five years. However, if you are accused of seriously injuring someone or pointing a firearm at them, these charges can be changed to crimes of the second degree. They can also be converted into aggravated assault charges of the fourth degree. As someone accused of a crime, what this means for you is that having a skilled and reliable New Jersey aggravated assault with a weapon attorney is critical if you are to understand and successfully defend against the charges you face. If you face charges of any kind in New Jersey, particularly charges of assault, aggravated assault, and/or assault with a weapon, contact our aggravated assault with a deadly weapon defense lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ today.

Breaking Down Assault, Aggravated Assault, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon with an Experienced New Jersey Aggravated Assault with a Weapon Attorney

Aggravated assault is a more severe type of assault that crosses the line from simple assault, which can be a lower-level crime called a misdemeanor, to a higher-level crime called an indictable offense or felony. Charges for aggravated assault in New Jersey are often based on the nature and extent of the injuries involved, as well as who was injured and whether weapons of any kind were used or involved when the alleged criminal acts in question were committed. Simply using or possessing a weapon—even if it is not a firearm—while committing assault can directly escalate the resultant charges and any and all applicable sentences and penalties.

According to N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b), assault is defined as injuring or attempting to harm someone without a valid and legal justification, such as self-defense. New Jersey law recognizes both simple assault and aggravated assault. The former, while still a serious charge, is typically categorized as a misdemeanor or disorderly person offense and is handled in municipal court. Aggravated assault, however, is an indictable offense—a felony—and can lead to charges for second-, third-, or fourth-degree crimes. These cases are handled and decided in the Superior Court of the county where the offenses in question took place.

You can be charged—and convicted, based on the evidence—of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon if it can be shown that you:

In most cases, the determining factor that will determine whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges is how serious the injuries in question are. Non-serious bodily injuries will be associated with assault charges, while serious or life-threatening injuries can come with aggravated assault charges.

The job of our New Jersey aggravated assault with a weapon attorney is to protect you and your rights and beat the charges you face. Our aggravated assault with a deadly weapon defense lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ has the experience and relevant knowledge needed to effectively do just that, and we will seek a dismissal or a lowering of your charges by discrediting the arguments and evidence of the prosecution or at least casting doubt as to the severity or intentionality of the acts in question.

To illustrate how this would work in a courtroom setting, the prosecution can only obtain a conviction for aggravated assault if it can prove that you acted purposefully, intentionally, and/or recklessly, and that the injured party suffered serious injuries. Your intent and actions matter. This means it may be possible to downgrade aggravated assault to simple assault if the conditions for an aggravated assault charge are not met. On the other hand, if the affected party was a member of law enforcement or a deadly weapon was involved, simple assault charges can become aggravated assault, so it is important to tread carefully and seek the guidance, assistance, and representation of a skilled New Jersey aggravated assault with a weapon attorney right away.

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Jail time, fines, having a criminal record, and having your life turned upside down because of intentional acts, mistakes, or recklessness are serious matters. Whatever charges you may face and whatever events transpired that led to the situation you are in, we can help. We are highly skilled in every aspect of New Jersey law, and our New Jersey aggravated assault with a weapon attorney will use every possible defense and strategy to help you achieve a favorable outcome in your aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case. Leave your case to our capable team and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aggravated Assault with a Weapon in New Jersey

What constitutes assault with a deadly weapon in New Jersey?

What is considered deadly is very broad under New Jersey state law. In most cases, anything that can inflict injury on someone can be called a weapon. This definition, therefore, covers everything from broken glass bottles and furniture to everyday items such as pipes and baseball bats. Threatening to harm someone with a firearm can also be considered aggravated assault, even if you do not ultimately cause anyone any harm.

How are simple assault and aggravated assault differentiated?

For a simple assault, you can be found guilty if you used a deadly weapon either negligently or carelessly. On the other hand, based on the definitions of aggravated assault, you can be convicted if you used a deadly weapon knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly. You can also be charged and prosecuted for aggravated assault if you point a firearm at someone without any regard for their life or safety. Defending against the charges you face using the correct definitions and laws and the applicable penalties and evidentiary requirements takes skill, knowledge, and dedication, so call our New Jersey aggravated assault with a weapon attorney for the assistance, guidance, representation, and defense you need and deserve.

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