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Burlington County Domestic Violence Attorney

A victim of domestic violence needs an attorney just as much as a defendant in a domestic violence case.

While the court might be sympathetic to your case as a victim, you need an attorney to represent you because, as the plaintiff, you are responsible for establishing the elements of the case against your abuser.   You have to establish the underlying charge against your abuser plus convince the court that there is a need for immediate and continuing protection.

It is important for victims of domestic violence to have representation. Your evidence has to be presented properly and objections need to be made when necessary to protect you when being cross-examined by the abusers attorney.

I have the competence, compassion and credentials to help you through this difficult time. It takes  a lot of courage to stand up to your abuser and see things through to the end. I can help you do it. Call me for a free consultation.

New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney

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