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Cherry Hill Criminal LawyerIf you’re facing charges and need a Cherry Hill criminal defense attorney, don’t take the chance of choosing the wrong one. Your future is in the balance, and you need a defense attorney that is both experienced in the state’s criminal justice system and is dedicated to fighting for your rights.

I have a wealth of experience in the state’s justice system. I was a prosecutor in Burlington County  for  25 years, and litigated and resolved thousands of cases. I have tried felonies to include,  murder, aggravated assault, sexual assault, armed robbery and white collar crimes among others.

From my years as a prosecutor, I have  seen firsthand the value of a dedicated defense attorney. Prosecutors are nearly always overworked and are under enormous pressure to resolve cases as quickly as possible, so they often try to achieve a conviction without a trial. You need a criminal lawyer that will be prepared to negotiate for you and try your case,   if  necessary.

I am also a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. In order to achieve this distinction, a criminal lawyer must show successful experience, pass a rigorous exam, and have strong standing with judges and other lawyers. Fewer than 250 attorneys in New Jersey have this certification.

I  have the background and credentials you need in this difficult time. Whatever your circumstances, I will go over your  case thoroughly and review all of your options with you. I will be prepared to do what is necessary for your individual case. .

I  invite you to have a look on Avvo at John Brennan’s reviews and see how I have helped people like you.

New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney

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