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Gloucester County Criminal LawyerWhen you have been charged or feel you may be charged, and you need the services of a Gloucester County criminal defense attorney, contact the Law Office of John B. Brennan. The Law Office of John B. Brennan is a boutique law firm specializing in criminal defense.  John Brennan has over 30 years of criminal trial experience as a former Burlington County  prosecutor  and as a criminal defense attorney achieving the distinction of being a  Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. He understands the value of experience on both sides of the criminal law fence, and he knows how best to fight for and protect your legal rights.

Being charged with a felony may be the most stressful experience one can imagine. As a defendant, you can be facing a long prison sentence, devastating fines, and permanent damage to your record preventing employment opportunities for life. Even if a defendant is not convicted, an arrest can remain on one’s criminal record for many years. With repeat offenders, the penalties are even more severe and the stakes much greater.

If you are facing charges, you need a Gloucester County criminal defense attorney with experience and knowledge of  courtroom procedures, and the willingness to take a case to trial.  John Brennan has that experience. He has seen first-hand how a lazy or inexperienced defense attorney can be bullied into an easy conviction and a devastating outcome.

Don’t take the risk of hiring anything less than an experienced and successful Gloucester County criminal  defense attorney to fight the most important battle of your life. Call on an attorney who knows what to expect and will review your case file thoroughly to prepare for your defense. If you have been or think you may be charged, call John Brennan for a free initial consultation immediately. He will return your call personally and discuss your legal options with you.

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