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Haddonfield Criminal LawyerWhen you have been charged or think you may be charged, and you need a Haddonfield criminal lawyer, your choice of attorney couldn’t be more important. Your very freedom and future are in the balance. Choose an attorney with proven successful experience in criminal justice, and with the dedication and understanding to protect your rights. John B. Brennan is that attorney.

Brennan is a former state prosecutor in New Jersey, who spent over 25 years litigating and negotiating criminal cases. He has been involved in most every type of criminal case, from murder and manslaughter to aggravated assault and sexual assault and other crimes. He has a full understanding of how the criminal justice system works in New Jersey.

The most important thing Brennan can tell you is that it’s vital for a defendant to choose an attorney wisely. Prosecutors are always facing a long list of cases, and they’re constantly under pressure to resolve them as quickly as possible. Whenever a prosecutor can do so, he will resolve a case through a plea bargain and avoid going to trial. Your attorney must negotiate on your behalf and not be bullied into a conviction, and be willing to take a case to court if necessary.

In addition to his experience as a prosecutor, Brennan is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney in New Jersey. This distinction comes from passing a rigorous exam and being favorably viewed by judges and other attorneys. Fewer than 250 New Jersey lawyers have attained this certification. It means you as a defendant can trust in Brennan’s experience and commitment.

The stakes are too great for you to hire an inexperienced or unprepared attorney. When you need a Haddonfield criminal lawyer, choose one who will thoroughly review your case and be prepared for prosecutorial methods. Contact John B. Brennan today for a free initial consultation. John Brennan is not here to judge. He is here to help.

New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney

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