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NJ Illegal Firearms Sale Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with unlawful firearms sale or a related crime and need the services of a NJ illegal firearms sale defense lawyer, call the offices of Criminal Defense Attorney John B. Brennan today. John Brennan is a former prosecutor for the state of New Jersey and has the courtroom experience and knowledge of state laws to help you through this difficult time.

The state of New Jersey has the strictest gun laws in the United States. Recently, the Graves Act increased the severity of handgun charges, making them an automatic second degree felony. The Graves Act has also been expanded to include simple unlawful possession of a handgun, including a handgun legally obtained in another state. If you have been charged with any firearms-related crime, you are facing a mandatory 42 months in prison without possibility of parole.

There are only two distinct means through which a defendant may avoid the mandatory sentence: either through pleading to 12-month period of parole ineligibility or non-custodial probation, or through a pre-trial intervention to have the charges dismissed, for which the defense must establish compelling reasons. Your best chance at avoiding the minimum mandatory sentence is with a criminal defense attorney who has years of experience on the prosecutorial side.

John Brennan has that experience, from 25 years as a New Jersey state prosecutor in most every type of criminal case, from possession of weapons to drug charges and white collar crimes. Brennan understands prosecutorial tactics and how an unprepared or lazy defense attorney can be bullied into a conviction.

The United States Constitution guarantees your right to carry a firearm, but the state of New Jersey is very strict on enforcing their own gun laws. You need a NJ illegal firearms sale defense lawyer that reviews your case thoroughly and fights zealously for your legal rights. Don’t face the possibility of over three years in prison without strong legal representation. Call John Brennan today for a free initial consultation.

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