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NJ Unregistered Firearms Defense LawyerWhen searching for a NJ unregistered firearms defense lawyer, it is vital for you to find an attorney with the experience and professionalism to handle your individual case. Criminal Defense Attorney John B. Brennan has that experience from years as a state prosecutor, and he can provide you with legal counsel and representation that you can trust in this difficult time.

John Brennan spent over 25 years as a prosecutor, trying hundreds of cases and negotiating plea bargains for thousands more. He has experience in the courtroom with multiple types of felonies, from murder to aggravated assault to white collar crimes. In the state of NJ, Brennan is a Certified Criminal Defense Attorney, a title that is only earned through passing the Criminal Trial Law exam and through a favorable evaluation.

New Jersey carries the strictest gun laws in the nation. A conviction for any handgun offense carries a mandatory prison sentence of 42 months in prison without parole. For a defendant to avoid the minimum sentence, they would need a compelling reason. Calling on a NJ unregistered firearms defense lawyer with experience on the other side of the courtroom gives you a much better chance.

From his experience as a prosecutor, John Brennan has learned the absolute vital importance of quality legal representation. It is not always easy for a prosecutor to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt, but if defense attorneys are inexperienced or unprepared, they can often be led to an easy conviction or unfavorable plea bargain. Brennan will review your case file thoroughly and he will be prepared to counter prosecutorial methods.

Don’t face the possibility of three-plus years in prison without zealous and experienced legal defense on your side. If you have been charged with unregistered firearm possession and need an experienced lawyer, call the offices of John B. Brennan today for a free initial consultation. He is here to help.

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