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South Jersey Defense LawyerSouth Jersey defense lawyer John B. Brennan from The Law Office of John B. Brennan is a South Jersey defense lawyer who has made a career of fighting for those charged with crimes. Defense lawyer Brennan believes those accused of crimes deserve representation.

Individuals accused of crimes should have legal representation from a South Jersey defense lawyer to help them prove their innocence. John B. Brennan, from The Law Office of John B. Brennan, is a South Jersey defense lawyer with the knowledge to help you.

It is critically important whom you choose as your attorney. Just about 98 percent of all indictments in New Jersey Superior Court are resolved short of trial. Prosecutor’s offices are under tremendous pressure to resolve an ever-expanding list of cases. As a criminal defendant, you must demonstrate you are willing to go to trial to fully utilize all your options and to ensure that all your constitutional rights are protected.

You need an attorney who can go to trial, and who understands how to effectively negotiate on your behalf to get a satisfactory resolution. John B. Brennan from The Law Office of John B. Brennan has that experience as a South Jersey defense lawyer and as an attorney dealing with murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, arson, armed robbery, bias intimidation and burglary.

Fewer than 250 defense lawyers in South Jersey have been certified by the state Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Defense lawyer as has John B. Brennan. This designation is earned by demonstrating a substantial level of experience in criminal trial law.

Defense lawyers such designated also have passed a rigorous examination in criminal trial law and have been favorably evaluated by judges and colleagues who are familiar with their work. As a certified Criminal Trial Defense lawyer in South Jersey, defense lawyer Brennan has demonstrated his capabilities in criminal law, including assisting those accused of crimes.

New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney

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