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South Jersey White Collar CrimeWhen you are in need of a South Jersey white collar crime lawyer, it is very important for you to choose an attorney with both knowledge of the law and successful litigation experience. Criminal Defense Attorney John B. Brennan has that knowledge and a track record of legal success, and he will answer your legal questions and represent you zealously when your reputation and freedom are at stake.

John Brennan has over 25 years of criminal trial experience. He is a former New Jersey state prosecutor who has tried hundreds of cases and negotiated plea bargains for thousands of others. Brennan has experience in litigation with all types of crimes, from murder and assault to fraud and embezzlement. The state of New Jersey has granted Brennan status as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, a rare distinction that is earned through experience and by passing a rigorous exam in Criminal Trial Law.

Whether one is accused of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, or cybercrime, a defense attorney must be prepared to take on such cases with knowledge of the laws and processes. Brennan’s experience as a prosecutor is an invaluable asset as a South Jersey white collar crime lawyer. A defense attorney also needs to be aware of the difference in prosecution processes for state and federal white collar crimes. Often state and federal courts can prosecute a defendant without violating double jeopardy laws.

As a former prosecutor himself, John Brennan is aware of the vast importance in selecting the right defense attorney. A prosecutor’s only goal is a conviction, and a conviction can be made much easier by an inexperienced and unprepared defense attorney. Brennan knows the New Jersey court systems and processes and he will review your case file thoroughly so that nothing in your favor gets missed. The stakes for you are too great to take a risk with a less prepared attorney.

When you need a South Jersey white collar crime lawyer, contact the offices of John B. Brennan for a free initial consultation. Call on an attorney with the successful New Jersey legal experience and knowledge that you can trust.

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