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John Brennan Represents Defendant in Millville Murder Case

John Brennan is representing a defendant in a Millville murder case. This high profile case centers around an April incident on the 600 block of Dock Street in Millville where a 56-year-old local man was gunned down in the street. John Brennan’s client is not believed to be the assailant but the defense has argued that […]

Expungement – How and Why It’s Important

You may need to have your record expunged and not even know it Did you ever wonder why you didn’t get that job that you were sure you were going to get? Did you know that a dismissed charge still will stay on your record until it has legally been expunged? Although your charge may […]

How Can I Legally Use My Firearm?

Once you have legally obtained your firearm it is important to be aware of what you can and cannot do in the State of New Jersey. The biggest question is: how can I legally use my firearm? First and foremost, New Jersey is not an open carry State, which means that even if you have […]

Who May Obtain a Firearm?

It is a constitutional right to own a firearm. Yet many people in these troubled times that we live, in which we are seeing a spike in gun sales, are confused about what constitutes legal gun ownership and legal usage of those firearms. I am going to run a series explaining the difference between legal […]

Free Uber Program for Evesham and Voorhees Residents

The free Uber program that has been so successful in Evesham (Evesham Saving Lives) has expanded to Voorhees. Residents of either town can take a free Uber ride home from any bar in the town to avoid any possibility of driving while intoxicated. The service is provided free of charge between the hours of 9 […]

Civil Forfeiture Increases as Economy Drops

Recently, many people have had their property seized without being convicted of a crime, or even charged with wrongdoing. This procedure, known as civil asset forfeiture, allows police to take cash and other property. As was recently uncovered in a report from the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit civil-liberties law firm, and reported in the Washington […]

One in Four Domestic Violence Victims Won’t Call Police

According to a recent survey, one in four female victims of domestic violence would not contact the police regarding their problem. The survey represents answers from 637 women who have experienced abuse by a partner. The average age of participants was 30 years old, and 56% were white.  Hispanics comprised 15% of the survey respondents, […]

The Eternal Criminal Record

Recently, there have been several articles about James Jacobs’ The Eternal Criminal Record. The book shows how the current record-keeping system in the U.S. “presents a public-policy conundrum for American criminal justice: The more information we collect and share about suspected criminals and actual offenders, the easier it is to identify and discriminate against those marked […]

Police Dishonesty Leads to Overturned Convictions

There are a growing number of convictions overturned across the country – another just last month in Massachusetts — because prosecutors failed to disclose evidence of police misconduct that could have helped prove the defendant’s innocence. A convicted murderer in New Hampshire is seeking a new trial on similar grounds. Called Brady material because of the 1963 […]

Cutting Jail Overcrowding

The MacArthur Foundation recently announced that it would invest $75 million in pilot programs across the country aimed at curbing the nation’s problem of jail overcrowding and overuse. There are almost 12 million jail admissions each year, which cost taxpayers a significant amount and (many argue) encourage increased crime in the future. About three-fifths of the […]

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