Newark, NJ Police Officer Charged With Sex Crime Against Uber Driver

March 7, 2022

A police officer employed by the Newark Police department was arrested recently and accused of a sex crime with an Uber driver. The 23-year-old police officer is being charged with criminal sexual contact. The victim, a 36-year-old Uber driver, is accusing the police officer of a sexual crime after identifying himself as a police officer. The police officer is being…

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Penalties For Heroin Possession in New Jersey

January 28, 2022

New Jersey lists the possession of heroin as a third-degree crime. Understanding the different levels of charges and their potential consequences is important if you’re dealing with pending heroin possession charges. This can help you evaluate your legal options and consider any legal defense you may have available. Potential Consequences for Possession of Heroin In most cases, the possession of…

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Terroristic Threats And Stalking Charges (What to Do If You’re Charged)

January 16, 2022

Making threats or stalking can lead to expensive fines and even jail time. Learn more about what constitutes terroristic threats and stalking charges in New Jersey. What are Terroristic Threats? Terroristic threats include any threats that indicate an intent to cause an evacuation of a building with the purpose of terrorizing. This may include bomb threats or any situation in…

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Will I Go to Jail for Firearm or Weapon Possession in New Jersey?

December 14, 2021

If convicted of weapon or firearm possession in New Jersey, you can receive costly fines and even prison time. Learn more about New Jersey’s firearm and weapon laws. What is Section 2C:39-5? Section 2C:39-5 is a part of the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. This section refers to people who are charged with the possession of firearms. The crime…

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Common Crimes Committed on Thanksgiving Weekend in NJ

November 23, 2021

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and soon you’ll be enjoying your favorite dishes celebrating with family. However, an arrest can put a wrench in your Thanksgiving plans. Here are the most common crimes committed over Thanksgiving weekend in New Jersey and how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help.  Common Crimes Over Thanksgiving Here is a list of some…

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Jersey Shore Residents Charged in 16-Year-Old’s Drug Overdose

November 9, 2021

Two residents from the Jersey Shore were recently arrested and charged in connection to the overdose death of a 16-year old boy. Continue reading to learn more about what happened.  What Happened Stephanie O’Neill and David Belk of Little Egg Harbor, NJ were indicted by an Ocean County Grand Jury on November 4th, 2021 on charges of strict liability drug-induced…

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NJ Prosecutors Beginning to Charge Drug Dealers for Strict Liability Drug-Induced Deaths

October 30, 2021

Drug dealers in New Jersey are now facing strict liability drug-induced death charges if someone they sold laced drugs to overdoses on them. One recent case is highlighting how this is happening.  Suspected NJ Drug Dealer Arrested for Strict Liability Drug-Induced Death A suspected drug dealer in New Jersey was arrested three days after investigators connected him to the death…

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Most Common Crimes Committed on Halloween Night

October 6, 2021

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the fall season. While it is a time for dressing up and enjoying endless amounts of candy, it’s also a common time for crimes. Here are some of the most common crimes committed on Halloween night:  Driving Under the Influence Many adult Halloween celebrations include alcoholic beverages. While enjoying a beverage…

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How to Fight a Restraining Order in New Jersey

September 30, 2021

A restraining order can make figuring out the logistics of child visitation or custody schedules difficult. Most restraining orders in New Jersey begin as temporary order. However, if the restraining order is escalated to a permanent one, you may have limited options available to fight it. For that reason, if you’re currently dealing with a temporary restraining order, it’s important…

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What to Do if Your Teen is Arrested This Summer

July 15, 2021

In New Jersey, the summer season is in full swing. For teens, the summer is when they can cut loose and have a good time with their friends without having to worry about homework or getting up early. Unfortunately, due to peer pressure and the desire to fit in, many teens will experiment with drugs and alcohol or other types…

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